There are the Russian plastic doll girls and then there are The Real Girls. 
In a country where women is under the patriarchy we created a campaign celebrating girls who lead the feminist revolution in russia.  Celebrating 10 Real Girls Of Moscow who are changing what it means to be awesome. 
This growing group of tough women express themselves through sport and inspire others to do the same. We led with films, giant murals and gifs celebrating some of the best athletes in town, explored the current scene of girls doing interesting things in moscow and celebrated the active Girls of the city by turning their social posts into hundreds of posters. 
Female led band Glintshake collaborated with us to make a song for our films check their music below. 
Filmed & Photographed by Carlos Serrao.
The Real Girls  campaign success as the way it empowered women, became the platform for all the following Nike Womens work in the following years. Nike implemented used this work as a springboard for the next creative developments. See the work the platform breed in here and here and here

Headline - "We stand taller without heels." 
Headline: "No glitz, just gold."
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