A summary of some of my favorite Polaroid projects. 
Polaroid Now+ Campaign
The first cross team collaboration campaign at Polaroid connecting PR, marketing and Product as an integrated launch telling the story of the Now+ as our most creative camera yet, by making art experiments collaborating with artists for each feature proving the camera capabilities.
To celebrate 70 years of Peanuts we worked with “Joe Cool” to reveal his most artistic side.
Polaroid x Patta
We helped launch a special Tee from Patta interpreting the Amsterdam coat of Arms by celebrating those in Amsterdam who are shaping culture. 
Polaroid x Keith Haring 
Celebrating those who create their fate like Mr. Haring. We made all launch assets collaborating with artists that embodied Haring's spirit, developed the packaging and even created the graphics on the camera, included a mini fanzine in the camera box about Keith Haring story, and designed the film frames. 
Below some editorial content from our creators.
Below the folded mini zine we included in the camera box.
Polaroid meets the Mandalorian 
We developed the film collaboartion, camera packaging and key visuals in collaboration with Disney. A long process but worth just to make that Star Wars Polaroid frame design. My favourite! 
We created the launch materials, designed the film frames and other support assets. 
Below a fan made video showcasing the camera and the film.
We developed camera customs with artist approvals and new packaging to bring this collaboration life.