Energising a legacy brand with a new visual identity claiming back its playful colorful roots and exploring its new purpose in today's culture - Acting as an antidote for digital addiction on detriment of our lives, and helping us focus on the moments that matter.
Below the film that revealed the new logo and launched our new brand POV - 
VO by Polaroid's Chief Technology Advisor Steven Herchen 
The rebrand included many applications, some highlights will be the film types below. We made special frame editions to keep the audience creating more with fresh frame designs that add some spice to the pictures.
The Polaroid community is a key differentiator of the Polaroid brand, so in all our communications from product to comms we harnessed the power of the community celebrating their work and working with them as the true heroes of the Polaroid brand.  For example in all packaging we give them a chance to be featured by using our hashtag and support their creative work. Below you can see a selection of some of the images generated and frames designed for the rebrand. 
We celebrated the rebrand releasing a new Polaroid camera in the 5 colors of our new identity.
Polaroid pop up shops in New York and Paris, and a global high end retail program followed the new identity ahead of its launch.
To launch the new PolaroidNow camera on paid media we celebrated the simplicity of how taking a Polaroid can bring us together in the real world - cutting a short piece from our brand video - grounding us in the now revealing what speaks to us - connecting us with those around us. 
A behind the scenes below showing the care that went into a humble but beautifully crafted production by our partners at Ridley Scott Amsterdam
We launched the rebrand on Polaroid.com featuring all our new redesigned packaging and film special editions, the new PolaroidNow with video content showing a behind the scenes on how Polaroid film is made today. 
As we launched the Polaroid Now camera we commissioned a selected group of creatives from the Polaroid community to be the first ones to shoot with it. We featured their experiences and showed the potential of the new camera through their work.
On social we activated the wider community releasing color themed photography challenges inspired by the emotion of each of our 5 colors. The winners where gifted a special film created for this challenges designed with new elements of the new identity and instead of the instructions on the back we wrote a message to inspire them further. 
As we activated the community with our hashtag the mechanic of sharing to be featured kept going as a natural thing to do if you get involved on the craft of taking Polaroid pictures. Allowing beginners and more experienced community members to connect and help from each other.  
Through the year of the rebrand we kept releasing special edition film and using community artists to launch the products showing the creative potential of our products.
As the year got to an end and we entered the gifting season, we kept inspiring creators and gift givers by showcasing the story of Maripol the Polaroid Queen who got a Polaroid camera gifted for christmas and changed her creative life forever. Maripol worked as brand ambassador on various PR events and hosted a photo-challenge on our channels as well as give her tips on how to get great Polaroid results.