Lead the product strategy & creative process of this collaboration, being instrumental in bringing together Nike SB & Polaroid to design an iconic sneaker and inspire the next generation of creative skaters. As the Global Creative Director for Polaroid one of my objectives was to make Polaroid resonate with a younger audience and to reposition the brand as a lifestyle brand. With scrappy comms budgets for a new born start up, a collaboration of this level between two iconic brands built on self-expression and inclusivity helped anchor Polaroid in the right brand space captivating imaginations in pop culture while landing as an authentic player.
To launch it Nike SB and Polaroid linked up with two skateboarders who perfectly embody the creative, inclusive mindset of both brands: Sarah Muerle, female photographer and Nike SB skateboarder, and Brian Anderson, the legendary, first openly-gay skateboarder and fellow Nike SB teammate.
Brian Anderson exclusive with Complex below talking about inclusivity, sneakers and creativity.