Lead the product strategy & creative process of this collaboration, being instrumental in bringing together Nike SB & Polaroid to design a sneaker (even tho we wanted to make a whole drop with special camera case, round frame and other goodies..). At Polaroid one of my objectives was to make Polaroid relevant to new audiences. With humble marketing budgets, a collaboration between the two iconic brands could be a great way to speak to a new audience.
The design is inspired by the iconic black and white polaroid camera designs and packaging. Like  the iconic One Step camera. We re-imagined the Nike Swoosh from a Light Color theory perspective giving birth to the Spectrum Swoosh with overlapping colors to reveal the iconic Polaroid rainbow. The sneaker came with other wonderful details pulled of by the Nike team like Shoelaces in the 5 colors of the spectrum and other details we came up with like the red shutter button on the sole and an embossed Polaroid frame on the heel.
To launch it, Nike SB and Polaroid linked up with two skateboarders who perfectly embody the creative, inclusive mindset of both brands: Sarah Muerle, female photographer and Nike SB skateboarder, and Brian Anderson, the legendary, first openly-gay skateboarder and fellow Nike SB teammate.
Brian Anderson exclusive with Complex below talking about inclusivity, sneakers and creativity. 
Early concept sketch below