"Sports without barriers is an important part of the larger concept of a world without borders."

Nike's pioneering techniques of creating cutting edge athletic equipment go hand to hand with the values and visionary spirit of the Olympics games. Celebrating sport, culture, and human potential. In collaboration with Nike team we pitched an innovative product, to develop the high-performance hijab, with the objective to help empower Muslim women to play more, be more confident and when it comes to sport not have to wear thick scarves in hot temperatures, allowing them to have better comfort and performance in any sport discipline. 
I'm so humbled to have helped Nike to lift this project off the ground, an American brand making a statement with this product is a global shout for integration and equality.  
The Nike High-Performance Hijab will be launched in 2018 and is currently in development. Nike announced its production and will hit the stores this coming year in time for the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020. The Olympics are one of the greatest examples for peace, equality and human potential, fair play and hard work. 

All images by nike.