Polaroid is a great icebreaker for many things, it has started love stories, friendships, great adventures and unforgettable experiences. This was the same story for the Polaroid Queen - Maripol.  She started her career as photographer with a Polaroid gift from her boyfriend Edo, and that camera changed her life forever. It was a pleasure to connect with Maripol a legend in the art scene and work with her to tell a slice of her artistic story to inspire a new generation of creatives to get into the art of making pictures. Styled by Dior and shot in Paris where Maripol was born and still works today while living in NY. Made in collaboration with Arthour Couvat who produced it and directed it.
The story picked up some relevant press as we celebrated an unprecedented female artist who influenced the New York scene of the 80's uncovering a truth of a loved fashion and art photographer.