The accessibility to easy travel, and the promotion of cities to attract tourists has made tourism one of the fastest growing industries today. This success comes with a price. When certain tourists misbehave or dont know how to navigate local unwritten rules, the conflict with the locals is on.  In this fast moving economy technological companies have been getting the blame for all of this problems. This is the case with Airbnb. When the reality is that in Amsterdam 7% of all the tourists are Airbnb guests, and usually Airbnb guests are people who goes off the beaten path. 
With this context Airbnb approached us to create a campaign that could help raise their voice as brand to answer some of this accusations and continue the conversation in a constructive manner. 

That is  why we created Be A Dam Local. A platform that will aim through the voice of real Airbnb hosts educate tourists on how to behave like a good neighbour in the city. We cast real hosts with real things to say, we interview them and photograph them to then create a series of posters and Digital OOH placed in highly tourist areas that give a real tips from locals to tourists to behave better while visiting. 
This really simple budget campaign was so well received by Airbnb EMEA, they ended up cutting a 30" you can see below.  And is been run multiple times.
To kick off the campaign we asked hosts to write a letter writing whatever they thought it was their right to be Airbnb hosts, and why is this a good thing for the city. This letters being so personal and from the hosts themselves  made politicians take notice and the local news talked about it the subject. It generated a much more open conversation that a single minded we were used in the local media.   
Below you can see special builds for digital out of home for Centraal Station giant screens.
Below all the hosts with their tips on how to be a dam local, in the digital out of home executions.