I’m an award winning creative director, art director, designer and writer. With over 18 years global experience in both traditional and digital media. As a multidisciplinary artist, craft l is at the heart of everything I do. Whether it’s a multinational marketing campaign or a personal project at home, I believe everything lies in the details. I take great pride in helping people unlock their own potential, and working with others to help them discover their own voice. I believe creative collaboration can unlock the most complex business problems, and I thrive in a team setting.
On my creative journey I have work for numerous global brands across many markets. Brands such as: Nike, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts EA, Heineken, Airbnb, Lego, Orsted, Glenlivet, Tanqueray, Desperados, Affligem, Corona, Milka, Camper, BMW, BASF to name a few.
My work si been recognized by Cannes, The One Show, D&AD, Eurobest, Clio's, El Sol, FWA, Webby's, AICP, ITC, Spin Awards, The Red Apple, Laus, EPICA, ADC*E, CDC and Golden Drum. 
A highlight of my career was next to Arnau Bosch, and together, win the Cyber Young Lions in Spain to represent the country at Cannes, to finish 4th in the international competition. 
After working at Digital Shop Herraizsoto&Co, I worked at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam for about 12 years focusing on creating work that connects with audiences culturally and emotionally. Today I am the Creative Director at Polaroid, where I joined two years ago to help the company grow as a born-again startup. My role involves driving the company’s growth and creative transformation. Specifically, I’ve been charged with establishing the internal creative agency, while also being responsible fo all visual communications, ranging from package design to trade and advertising. 
When I’m not working, I’m usually in my workshop painting, illustrating, doing woodwork and admiring my girl's ceramic process. You can also find me outside running, occasionally skating and mostly walking my dear doggy Yuka.
- Ignasi